Cocoa Hucks

The roasted cocoa nibs and beans are a great source of rich cocoa content that are often enjoyed in the form of chocolate liquid and rich creamy cocoa butter.

Features :
  • Cocoa Nibs are Roasted Cocoa Beans, crushed and removed the husk.
  • These Nibs can directley grind to make your chocolate, without worrying about the roasting process and winnowing.
  • We are chocolate makers, knows the right process, and we are selling Nibs to many Chocolate makers across India. So you can get good quality Nibs from us and directly grind it.
  • We are using Premium cocoa beans those organically grown and naturaly processed, for our Nibs making. So you are getting Pure and Natural Nibs.
  • You can use this Nibs also as raw material for making Cocoa powder and Butter.

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